The Children's Crusade
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The Children's Crusade

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The Children's Crusade
  - $ 19.95
Hardcover, 84 pages, with 32 colorful illustrations.
ISBN 1-890963-27-5   © Liberty Bell Books

A beautifully illustrated hardcover adventure story for children, inspired by an historical event which occurred in 1212, known as the "Children's Crusade".
Vincent, the son of a French nobleman, joins the crusade in order to find his missing father, who may have been killed in the previous crusade.
Vincent meets a beautifull Saracen princess, Alaia, who helps him find his father and escape. Alaia foolishly reveals the secret of the victorious Muslim army, but out of love and fidelity Vincent and his father do not betray Alaia.
An exciting way to introduce younger readers to the Crusades and the history of the Middle Ages,as well as the idea of religious tolerance. A book to be enjoyed by the entire family.

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The Children's Crusade - sample page
"Stephen noticed a glow at the top of the hill. ..."
The Children's Crusade - sample page
"... he was captured by our guards, ..."
The Children's Crusade - sample page
"Vincent helped his father onto a horse ..."

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