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Buy any one of The Beginners Bible vhs videos below:
• The Story of Easter
• The Story of the Prodigal Son
• The Story of Creation
• The Story of Noah's Ark
• The Story of Jonah and the Whale
• The Story of Moses
• The Story of Joseph and His Brothers
• The Story of David and Goliath

Buy any three videos and get a free puzzle
  The Story of Creation Book
The Story of Moses Book
PUZZLES: free when you buy 3 videos
Adam & Eve -100 pcs.
Noah's Arc - 100 pcs.
Jonah & the Whale - 100 pcs.
David & Goliath - 100 pcs.
Child at Noah's Arc - 100 pcs.

Buy any one of the following
• Hercules DVD animated cartoon
• Hercules Unchained VHS
Book: Hercules Mythology book and 2 Hercules coloring activities books

Buy any one of The Stars of Space Jams Looney Toones vhs videos:
• Bugs Bunny
• Daffy Duck
• Sylvester & Tweety
• Tazmanian Devil
• Taz-Maniac
• Taz-Mammals
• Taz-Tronaut
Tazmania Activity Pad

Buy any 3 of Hallmark's Timeless Tales vhs videos:
• Puss n'Boots
• The Steadfast Tin Soldier
• Rapunzel
• Rumpelstiltskin
• The Emperor's New Clothes
• The Ugly Duckling
• Thumbelina
  Little Miss Muffet

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