Timeless Tales from Hallmark

HallmarkTM presents seven classic fables in their Timeless Tales video series. Each classic story has been produced by the superb Hanna Barbera animation studio. The entire family will enjoy these videos, while children will learn seven fables written by the world's great writers (Hans Christian Anderson, Pennaut and others).
A magnificent video collection that will enchant your family over and over again.

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Puss'n Boots

Puss'n Boots was written by the French author, and tells the story of a smart cat named Puss, who wears boots and talks.

Young Carlisle is the son of a poor miller, and he inherits a cat named Puss, who soon reveals that it is no ordinary feline. It can talk eloquently and think quickly.

Puss helps Carlisle win the King's favor and meet the beautiful princess. Puss also journeys to the castle of the wicked sorcerer and outsmarts him thereby gaining Carlisle a kingdom and freeing all those who were enslaved by the sorcerer.

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The Steadfast Tin Soldier

The Steadfast Tin Soldier was written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Michael, a ten year old boy, discovers that his bravest tin soldier was made with only one leg.

Pushed out of the playroom by a jealous jack in the box, the tin soldier faces many dangers before returning successfully to his beautiful toy ballerina in the playroom.

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Rapunzel is locked in a tower by an evil witch named Scarlotta. Rapunzel's beautiful gold long hair allows her to be rescued by a prince.

The furious Scarlotta turns the Prince into a bird and banishes Rapunzel to a forest. Rapunzel's tears will break the witch's spell and save her handsome prince.

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Rumpelstiltskin .

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The Emperor's New Clothes

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The Ugly Duckling

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Commentary summaries written by M.G. Maresca © 2003 Mario G. Maresca
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