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A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown finds a special meaning to Christmas in caring for a skinny decrepit Christmas tree. Despite the ridicule of his friends for choosing such an ugly tree, with the help of Linus, Charlie discovers the deeper meaning of Christmas and the true message of the season comes shining through.

DVD $19.99  

An Easter Bunny Adventure

Based on Beatrix Potter's classic children's story, An Easter Bunny Adventure tells us about Peter Rabbit, «a little cottontail who's fond of tall tales. Thinking his sisters have been boxed up and mailed to Zaznzibar, Peter and Benny set out to rescue the girls. Joined by a motor-mouthed field mouse, a comical chipmunk, a clever squirrel and a pretty kitty named Perky, little Peter suddenly finds himself on the biggest adventure of his life!»
However, our heroes are faced with the wily fox, a hot tempered hedgehog and McGregor's cat. Join Peter Rabbit and his friends «for an animated adventure you'll enjoy over and over!»

VHS $9.99  

The Beginner's Bible - The Story of Easter

The Beginner's Bible Series brings the true wonder and joy of the Bible to life. A delightful way to introduce young children to the Bible, with memorable songs, vivid animation and heartwarming characters.The theme song is sung by Kathie Lee Gifford.
«Return to old Jerusalem to witness Jesus' triumphal entrance into the city and his eventual capture ...experience the wonder of the fulfillment of God's promise to His chosen people as Jesus ascends into Heaven in the glorious miracle of the Resurrection!»

VHS $9.99  

Cricket on the Hearth

«This re-mastered heartwarming animated musical version of Charles Dickens' classical Christmas tale is a "lost treasure". Cricket Crocket tells the tale of a down on his luck toy maker and his daughter, Bertha, who fall on hard times after her fiance is lost at sea.
When Bertha agrees to marry the miserly toy factory owner who is forcing them to live in poverty, their future seem grim - until Cricket steps in! A charming tale filled with music is a holiday treat for the entire family»
Voices by Danny Thomas, Marlo Thomas, Randy McDowell and others.

VHS $9.99  

The First Christmas

The Superbook Video Bible series is about two children who stumble upon an ancient book which opens for them numerous adventures. In this superbook, Chris, Joy and Gizmo, their toy robot, travel back through the centuries and wind up in Biblical times.
«The dramatic story of the birth of Christ is beautifully retold through the eyes of the children as they find themselves on the road to bethlehem with Joseph and Mary. Witness the humble yet moving beginning of God's great plan of salvation for mankind at the birth of Jesus.»

VHS $7.99  

Disney's American Legends

VHS $19.99
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