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Ars Mar Multimedia offers a quick and easy way to view and search our selection of classical and christian movies, cinema's great films available on dvd and vhs video.
The two links below give you access our convenient databases which allow you to quickly consult our online catalog. The search engine also allows you to view or search a DVD or VHS video according to various categories: movie title, cinema director, film genre, year, or production details.
If you do not find a film you are looking for, simply E-MAIL us your request with the movie title you are looking for and the video format (dvd or vhs) you wish to order. If you do not know the movie title, tell us something about the film. We will e-mail you and let you know if it is available and the total price including shipping.
We hope you enjoy our selection.   We will be adding new titles, so please visit us as often as you like.
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Requesting information on any movie VIA E-MAIL

If you can not find a movie in the catalog or simply wish to put in a request for a particular video, send us an e-mail at telling us the title or something about the film. We will respond to your inquiry via e-mail with availability and cost of video, including shipping.

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